To have a purposeful county wide task force to create a water safe culture in Palm Beach County


To reach zero preventable drowning incidents in Palm Beach County

Strategic Planning Goals

WaterSmart_Drop_180Unitize public/private partnerships to create a powerful mass media campaign to bring water safety and awareness to Palm Beach County.

WaterSmart_Drop_180Develop system to assess the full drowning problem in Palm beach County. Create a system for tracking water safety programming and outreach efforts conducting by Task Force Members.

WaterSmart_Drop_180Ensure relevance in our community of a diverse representation of public/private agencies and local government to create a water safety culture in Palm Beach County.

WaterSmart_Drop_180Develop a plan for program sustainability inclusive of participant pay programs and financial development plan to raise necessary funds for those unable to afford services.


WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.ymcaspbc.org – YMCA South Palm Beach County

WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.ymcapalmbeaches.org – YMCA of the Palm Beaches

WaterSmart_Drop_180 http://autism.fau.edu – FAU Card

WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.stadson.com – Stadson (SafeFi)

WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.camelotcommunitycare.org – Camelot Community Care

WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.traumahawk.org – Health Care District of Palm Beach County

WaterSmart_Drop_180 http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/prevention/drowning-prevention/index.html – Health Dept.

WaterSmart_Drop_180 www.ndpa.org – National Drowning prevention Alliance

WaterSmart_Drop_180 http://www.theracquetcenter.org/swim-center – City of Boca, Swim Center

WaterSmart_Drop_180 http://myboca.us/pages/aquatics/meadows-park-pool – City of Boca aquatics

WaterSmart_Drop_180 http://www.smallfishbigfish.com/ – Small Fish Big Fish Swim School